“…from now on you will fish for people” – Jesus

The Five Points of a Five Star Church

As the world changes, so must our music, message and ministry.  These five stars represent areas, old and new, that are thriving aspects of today’s fastest growing churches.

Our five star program is designed to encourage churches to participate in each of these areas through simple additions and changes to their ministry.  While this is list not exhaustive, it does represent a solid foundation for those seeking to make their church more relevant and position themselves for healthy evangelism.


We live in an internet and technology age. Most people will visit you online before they ever visit you in person. The magic question is “what will they find?” Your media presence says a lot about your churches relevance while at the same time offering valuable information and resources regarding your ministry. It’s no longer an option, media is a must.


I felt loved. I felt welcomed. These sentiments express the most common answers when new members were asked why they joined a particular church. The warmth of Christ ought to fill the atmosphere and penetrate the heart of all who encounter your church. After all, who wants to go where they don’t feel welcome.


It is hard for a church to grow when the message is not informative, inspiring and engaging.  The proclamation of the gospel is central to the expansion of the Kingdom.  Just as Peter preached and thousands were saved, we too must share the good news that those away from Christ may come and those in Christ may grow.


There is nothing like good music.  A healthy music ministry will be one that is engaging and encourages congregants to participate in the worship experience.  Show me a growing church and I am certain good music will not be hard to find.


Church is about people.  A growing church will have ministries that impact the community by bettering the lives it touches.  This is the love arm of the church and the most important of the pillars.  This is where what is preached and what is sung is now displayed in practice.